Great Win from This Year’s Summit!

We wanted to share a great win from Judy H., who attended this year’s event:

“There aren’t enough words in my universe to describe how thankful and grateful I am for all of you! You are the essence of the family I wanted to create when I first heard of Scientology in 1969…

This year [the Summit] was the absolute best from the time you came out and told us you loved us until the very end. I knew you loved us. I felt it and we love you back. Thank you for all you have given us through the years and now we get to continue with your remarkable daughter and her husband, Brodie.

I had a life-changing win this time. All my life, I’ve lived in confusion. Even while in Scientology in the Church, I always felt there was suppression in my life, but couldn’t pin-point the source. Was it my husband, my sister, my mother, my daughter or was I suppressing myself and others? Now I know with full certainty who and what a suppressive is and they are not in their own valence. I am able to spot the source and realize the difference. Wow!

… I keep having cognitions and more realizations every day…Thank you so much!!!!”

Would You Like to Speak at the Theta Alliance Summit this Year?

Please leave us a comment as soon as possible to let us know. We’d like to be more organized about scheduling this year. Let us know the topic/title and about how much time you will need (no longer than 1 hour). We especially encourage any group processes, activities, lectures, or workshops that would contribute to this year’s theme of “Creating a 3rd Dynamic.” There will also be some “open mic” time towards the end of Sunday, when anyone is welcome to speak for a brief period.